Cyber-bullying is when the Internet, cell phones or other devices are used to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person. This form of bullying is severely and negatively affecting many adolescents involved. CyberBully.png
Victims are experiencing lower self-esteem, increased suicidal ideation, and a variety of emotional responses, including cyber bullying back, being scared, frustrated, angry, and depressed. One of the most damaging effects clear in today’s society is that a victim begins to avoid friends and daily activities. Cyber-bullying campaigns are sometimes so damaging that victims have committed suicide.
At least three children between the ages of 12 and 13 have committed suicide due depression brought on by cyber-bullying.*
It is clear that an increased attention must be paid to the ever-expanding issue of cyber-bullying, by parents, students, teachers and governments of the world.

* According to reports by USA Today and the Baltimore Examiner.